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Wuff Ball | Green - The Best Dog Ball Ever!

Some pet dogs just love to play Fetch. Others might enjoy toys, yet don’t really appear to recognize the point of fetch. They’ll chase after the toy, sure, yet they actually want to prance around with it as well as play keepaway rather than fetch.

If you truly intend to play fetch with your dog, this is an issue! Yet it’s not impossible to show a pet dog to play fetch instead of keepaway.  One of the initial things I ask dog owners that concern me with this problem is this: What is your objective with fetch with your dog?

Typically, the replies include things like:

  • I want to exercise my pet dog.
  • I intend to have fun and have fun with my canine.
  • I desire my canine to be tired so I can ______.
  • I wish to hang around outside with my pet.
  • I want my dog to stay fit.

In many cases, there’s nothing incorrect with playing keepaway in order to hit these goals! That’s right … if you truly just wish to play a game with your dog, spend time outdoors, as well as have some enjoyable, you can simply play keepaway.

Is Fetch Enjoyable for YOUR Canine?

Some canines don’t play fetch since they do not understand the rules of the game yet. But lots of dogs don’t give it to us due to the fact that the game we’re trying to make them play simply isn’t very enjoyable for them.

For instance, I usually see owners demanding that their dog delver the dog ball to their hand, sit and also wait in between each throw of the Wuff Ball. It looks a lot even more like a military drill than a game, and both the dog as well as individual shows up distressed.

I recognize if you do not intend to play keepaway, that’s ok. But think about the truth that if your dog truly likes that game, possibly we oughta meet somewhere in the middle  Keepaway may be very enjoyable for your dog– or perhaps he just doesn’t desire YOU to have the Wuff Ball since you’re not very fun to play with.

Are you being an overpowering buddy?

Scenes such as this take me back to being a youngster on the play ground, trying to play with the one kid that was always creating new rules to the game and demanding that everybody else play along to their version of the game. I don’t remember that being very fun. I think a number of our canines really feel the same way.

Basically, your canine may be playing keepaway since keepaway is extra fun than playing fetch with your rules.

If this is your issue, your very first goal is to educate your dog that involving with you is FUN AND ENJOYABLE! Approaching you with a toy is FUN!

Show your canine that dropping the Wuff Ball is a FANTASTIC suggestion.

In some cases we come start wrestling a ball from our dogs to finish the game. What did our dogs just learn? That allowing us have the ball is an actually, actually poor idea.  Instruct your canine that dropping the toy makes you very FUN! If he drops the Wuff Ball, promptly toss it back, jump about, and be extremely goofy.

You can also reward him for dropping the toy by throwing another toy or even providing him food.  But if you’re most likely to do something not-fun (like end the game), think about simply letting your pet keep the ball until he drops it and also finishes the game on his own.  I commonly will clip the leash on, then play a little bit extra with my dog, after that allow my dog carry the Wuff ball around the house. This helps teach him that the leash going on isn’t so bad!

When your canine is reliably dropping the ball expecting more time to play fetch or some treats, you can start truly playing fetch. Today, it’s alright if you need to walk a little bit to obtain the Wuff Ball. We desire this to be enjoyable, fun and also very easy!

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